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Purple is the colour that's associated with luxury, wealth and extravagance making it a fabulous colour to use in your home. Using either purple or violet shows that your are a compassionate, understanding and supportive type of person, and while many people think of purple as a spiritual colour the red and blue mixture to make the colour also means that it holds aspects of both calming blue and fiery red.

One of the great advantages of using purple is that it's a gender neutral colour, and while we try and do away with stereotypical colour associations (pink for girls and blue for boys) purple remains bang in the middle and bang on-trend. Purple has the ability to be used in just about any decorating motif, with the rich dark shades ideal for modernpersonalized gifts for her, contemporary and opulent homes while the brighter shades sit very comfortably in a retro themes.

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We'll hang onto lavender for the moment and bring you a post dedicated to this variation of purple as a colour in its own right. Let's take a look at the wonderful ways you can bring the wealth and majesty of purple into your home.

Purple comes in a range of tones which all compliment each other beautifully. Monochromatic colour schemes using purple create an affluent, rich style, while adding paler tones or using purple as an accent with white, cream or pale grey offers colour combinations that are easy to live with.

The darker shades of purple, such as aubergine, are perfect for the dining room, however, too much can cause a room to look gloomy and dark, more especially if there isn't plenty of natural light, so use it sparingly via your accessories and you won't go far wrong.

The majestic and sensuous colour of purple makes it an excellent colour choice for the bedroom, as this purple bedding and mauve curtains demonstrate. Either use it as your primary wall colour or keep the walls neutral and use it for your soft furnishings and accessories. Using a blend of tones, and adding subtle touches of gold or silver, will give you an understated look of luxury and wealth.

Not a colour usually associated with in the bathroom and yet in contemporary and modern homes it can add a lift to the smallest room in the house in an instant. Use it as the colour for your window treatment, bath mat, towels or shower curtain and it will help make a white bathroom suite look brighter, giving it a fresh modern appeal.

Using purple in the home office gives the feeling of quality and authenticity. As most home offices are small rooms you'll need to use it wisely otherwise you run the risk of sitting in gloom which can be depressing and not provide you with the inspiration and motivation conducive to productive work. Add purple via window dressings, rugs and cushions, teamed with cream or trendy greys will show that you have forward thinking vision.

As you can see purple is a great all round colour to use in your home and while it may not be everyone's first colour choice when you use it correctly you'll love the richness it brings to your home.

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