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Updated: :2019-12-03

We all like to be eco-friendly and strive to do our bit to help save the planet; however you don't have to comprise on style to do it. With a little ingenuity and by using natural products, or those that have less air-miles attached to them, it's surprising the difference these choices can make to your lifestyle and way of living.

Bamboo is a sustainable natural materials; growing in abundance in many different countries it's easy to move away from the bog-standard bamboo blinds and screens to use bamboo for furniturepersonalized gifts for her, matting and even light fixtures. If you want to be eco-friendly it's well worth investigating the possibilities of this sutainable wood.

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If bamboo isn't your choice then there's plenty of other natural materials that will provide you with a stylish home. Wood in its various guises is the perfect eco-friendly medium – just as long as you choose those which aren't endangered or sourced by decimating or harmful deforestation methods. Wood isn't the only eco-friendly way of living. Harnessing the power of the sun is becoming increasingly popular – not only is is eco-friendly it can also reduce energy bills in the long run.

Having triple A rated glass for windows and making sure your home is insulated properly are just a couple of ways of lowering your carbon footprint. Mix natural materials, such as wood, leather and energy efficient glass to create a home which oozes in style while ticking all the right boxes in terms of working towards being eco-friendly. Open plan living isn't a particularly new concept, however, use it with natural materials and energy saving devices and your home can be well on the way to becoming eco-friendly for all the right reasons.

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