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Updated: :2020-03-31

Learn how to make this cute little coin purse with simple patchwork and decorative stitch techniques.

Take the pieces from fabric ABCD and placed them as shown in the image below.

pillow shams floral

Now prep your sewing machine using the? Reverse Pattern Foot?#1/#1C/#1D?and thread the needle with the Aurifil thread #2930.

Begin to attach all the strips using 1/4″; seam allowance.

You will have a piece looking like the image below.

For the second part, this is the fabric order.

Repeat these same steps with the remaining of the fabric pieces and you will have two pieces looking like this.

Take the two pieces of fusible interfacing and attach it to the recent created pieces.

Press both pieces in place.

Prep your machine for free-motion quilting with the BSR (or free-motion foot of your choice) and?Aurifil thread #2134.

This purse includes a fun mix of both free-motion quilting and decorative machine stitches.

For the satin stitches, change your current presser foot to the Open embroidery foot #20/#20C/#20D.

We will begin this side with satin?stitch #401

And next, satin?stitch #407.

I didn’;t follow any rules for the embroidery placements, and I don’;t expect you to do it as well. So feel free and stitch or quilt both sides as you desire!

Now that both the front and the back are quilted and satin stitchedpersonalized gifts for her, trim the corners diagonally as shown on the image.

Get the two lining pieces from Fabric E and?trim the corners diagonally as shown on the image.

Measure the 10”; zipper to the proper length desired for the purse and cut the extra.

Sew the zipper shut, using the backstitch for assistance.

Get the front piece of the purse and place it with the right side of the fabric facing up. Next?place the zipper facing down, as shown below.

Next,?place?the lining piece?of?Fabric E ?on top and pin in place.

Change from your?Reverse pattern foot #1/#1C/#1D to the??Zipper foot #4/#4D and stitch in place.

Attache the other side of the coin purse to the zipper. Now place the last piece from Fabric E, add the piece from the previous step, and set?it as instructed below with the front of the clutch facing up. Lastly, place the back of the purse with the wrong side facing up, pin in place and straight stitch from top to bottom close to zipper teeth.

Once that step is completed,?make sure the zipper is open because when you pull the clutch through, it is going to come through the zipper.

Lay out your pieces separating outer fabric on the left and lining on the right. Changing from your BERNINA Zipper foot 4D to the Reverse pattern foot #1D, stitch all around outside edges using straight?stitch #1 with a 1/4″ seam allowance, making sure to leaving a 3″ opening at the lining for turning inside-out.? After this, clip all four (4) corners.

Once it’s stitched all around, pull the clutch through the open zipper, pull the corners out and stitch the opening closed. You can either hand stitch it or machine stitch it.

And you are done!

So your a fashion forward necromancer, or a seamstress with a penchant for raising the undead, or maybe your just looking for a gift for that special horror buff. ?Well, whatever the case may be, this is a fun project that's sure to please.After all, who says a zombie can be useful and productive member of a civilized society? They're heads make great pin cushions after all.This started out as a doodle I had a few days ago in a meeting. ?I don't sew very well but I thought the idea looked too good on paper not to bring it to life... er... unlife?

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