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After the bedroom, the kitchen is the most used room in a home. For this reason, you will want your kitchen to be a place where you enjoy spending time. Proven?al style kitchens celebrate the rustic style commonly associated with the South of France.

The French are well known for their fine foods and love of cooking, which is why the kitchen is the focal point of most French homes. This classical style is now becoming popular in other areas of the world and is very easy to achieve with very little effort. Lavender and sunflower yellow are both colours you would expect to see in a Provence-style kitchenpersonalized gifts for her, along with rough wooden textures.

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Hues of red and orange will also help you achieve the cosy country design that really captures French living. As well as light colours, your Proven?al kitchen should be light and airy. If you have a lot of windows, you may find white or pale yellow coloured wooden blinds allow light in while still complementing the theme. If you have a limited source of natural light, leave the windows bare and instead dress them with a pair of pale coloured gingham-patterned curtains.

Gingham epitomizes the rustic country look you are trying to achieve, therefore consider using a matching tablecloth for your kitchen table. Wall shelves are a great space-saving storage solution, enabling you to store items such as crockery and cups. Consider dressing your Proven?al kitchen with accessories such as empty jars and ceramic cooking tools.

Coloured glass jars will also help capture the light, ceramic bowls, vases and other kitchen accessories will add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen. Mirrors may not seem like the usual kitchen accessory but they are popular in this style of kitchen. Keep them fairly small and do not worry about them matching although dark wooden framed mirrors usually work best.

Dark wooden flooring is a functional and stylish addition to any kitchen and you can bring it to life with a good choice of cheap rugs. Staying with the Proven?al theme, your rug should be fairly light coloured, yellows and oranges work well or you can use a gingham rug to match your kitchen curtains. Avoid thick pile rugs, instead stick to woven or even rattan alternatives. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your kitchen, dried flowers in a rustic ceramic vase will finish your kitchen off nicely.

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There are many different ways that you can trick your eyes into seeing what's not really there within interior design. A great example which has been used for hundreds of years is wall murals. Artists where requested to paint vistas and scenes on walls to transport the inhabitants into far away places which usually depicted a better way of life or life style.

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