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Updated: :2020-03-29

This project was started 3 summers ago. There is quite a story involved, I’;m not sure how much to share here but I’;ll share a bit- It’;s actually an experience that deserves a post all to itself- maybe later.

We built our pool 3 summers ago and I had fun decorating the area around it. I got the idea to turn an old window into a “;pool rules”; sign. I bought the window then sketched out the “;rules”;…; silly things like “;have fun”; etc. Then…;wow…;. then.. my best friends 3 year old nearly drowned in our pool. She was fully supervised by 3 adults at the time –; We were all swimming with our kids, no one noticed when she got into the pool without her life jacket on. We found her on the bottom of the pool. It remains to this day one of the most horrific days of my life. She was purplepersonalized gifts for her, limp and lifeless. We performed CPR and were able to bring her back. To this day she is fine. A TRUE miracle. I am completely convinced. I get chills even writing it today.

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Everyone involved was deeply and permanently effected by that day. And this window sat in my basement for 3 years. I couldn’;t bring myself to finish the project…;

This week I finally finished it. I decided to keep it “;fun”; but a bit more useful than just “;have fun”;- hence the above message.

The project was simple, I just cut out the images on my silhouette onto vinyl. Then stuck them onto the window panes.

I didn’;t do anything to the window at all. Just cleaned the glass with some windex.

To attach the window to the brick wall, my husband hung some anchors in the wall (use a masonry bit for your drill). Then I just attached some eye hooks to the top of the window. (be sure to pre drill the holes so you don’;t split the wood).

Simple and quick—; shouldn’;t have taken 3 years to finish :0

We hung it outside above our sofa, for more photos of our outdoor room you can click here

and just a few things:

1- Take a CPR class- you NEVER know when you might need it. I get cold sweats thinking what would have happened if we didn’;t know CPR. I learned it at girls camp growing up and am forever thankful for that experience.

2- Please don’;t leave a “;that’;s why I won’;t ever had a pool”; comment- cause- I’;ve heard that like a million times.

3- Watch out when you are swimming with lots of people- from our research after this event it seems like this is the most dangerous thing to do. ?Everyone assumes someone is watching since so many people are around. ?I’;ve heard too many stories of kids drowning in a full pool. ?I think now it’;s best if you’;re going to swim with kids (of any age or ability) you have to have your eyes on the pool ALL THE TIME…; not sitting by the pool, or watching from a chair, be IN the pool with them.

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