personalized gifts for her Fabulous Film Decorating Inspiration! 3- Alice In Wonderland funny cushion covers
Updated: :2019-11-29

Tim Burton's remake of the classic Alice In Wonderland had everyone talking over tea and cupcakes this summer; it influenced everything and I mean everything! Most importantly though was how it made us go all whimsical and look at home decorating as if we were blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

Oversized items were an element to this design, tea-making collectables popped up and little white rabbits ran riot – not to forget key prints and accessories. Some of you will be pleased you didn't take this theme too seriously, but you can't deny that the occasional decorating on a whim keeps interiors fun and unique. · With one of the favourite and memorable scenes from Alice in Wonderland being the Mad Hatter's tea party – the dining room is a great room to let your imagination run wild.

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It might not be practical for all of you to have a long dining table but do look for wooden furniture – especially a medium to dark wood for the dining table and chairs. With the dining chairs though, you can be a little more eclectic in your approach; choose a mixture of styles and pick out some chairs to be upholstered in a velvet or velveteen fabric.

Colours could be mixed up too – try a dusky pink and natural green palette. Use patterned table runners with embroidery or lace and decorate with chintzy teapotspersonalized gifts for her, cups and saucers. A beautiful cake-stand could also take centre stage (whether you plan to use it or not!)

Keeping track of the time was high on the agenda for the white rabbit, this led to wall clocks becoming an important décor piece in the Alice In Wonderland inspired home. Not any old clocks though – think oversized, Roman numerals and gold frames; those with an antique appearance would take it the extra mile.

When we think of colours, there is a pull towards pinks, reds and black and white – especially chequerboard prints. This idea is born out of the scenes of the Queen of Hearts, her beautiful gardens, the playing cards and the bright pink flamingos she uses to play a round of croquet. The pretty blue of Alice's dress will also come through as an accent.

Try to incorporate some heart motifs in cheap bedding sets or pillow covers, use chequered flooring in bathrooms or kitchens and be brave with splashes of flamingo pink in fabrics and accessories such as blackout roller blinds. · Colour – try painting a shelving unit or console table in a surprise colour such as a bright blue or adding hot pink curtains to children's bedrooms to really excel with this theme.

Today’s project are these DIY Quilted Halloween Pillows. If you’d like to know more about making quilted pillows then just hop on over to this Quilted Pillow Tutorial Article.

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