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Hi Everyone!

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If you love to craft and scrapbook like me, you learn to get pretty creative if you live abroad. Craft stores are pretty difficult to find and there is only so much room in a suitcase to haul things back to Italy with me. Now, along the years, I’;ve discovered that we have a lot of things in abundance to craft with…;like wine bottles, tiny wooden painted clothes pegspersonalized gifts for her, and bottle caps =) I say bottle caps because they are everywhere…;.you can buy 100 bottle caps for 1 euro! The reason they are so cheap is because many women recycle glass beer bottles to preserve their tomato sauce, and of course you always need new caps =)

So one day, I was tinkering with some bottle caps and thought…;”;Couldn’;t I run them through the Cuttlebug to create embellishments?”;…; I tried it out, and lo and behold, it worked! Now to note: Our bottle caps in Italy may be different in thickness, therefore allowing or preventing the cap from running through the Cuttlebug…;.so just be sure to find bottle caps with a thickness of no more than 3\16th of an inch or 5mm.

How do you do it? It’;s super simple…;just place the bottle caps on the Cuttlebug plate using the normal “;sandwich”;: A plate on the bottom, B plate on top, and caps over B plate. Then place another B plate over the caps and crank em’; through…;.Crrrrrrrrraaaaaaank!

And here they are…;…;nice, smooth and even =)

Here’;s how I embellish them: I have a 1 inch circle punch that fits exactly the face of the cap. So I just punch different magazines, tissue paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, scrapbook paper…;..whatever looks pretty. Glue the punched circle onto the face on the cap and viola!

So try to find fitting caps and create some beautiful embellishments to put on cards, scrapbook pages, gifts, etc…;’;s unlimited what you can use them for =)

Happy crafting!

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