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Revered for being the world's most popular colour blue is an intellectual colour. It falls on the cold side of the spectrum with the ability to soothe and calm, invigorate and stimulate thought depending on which shade or hue you use. Strong blues are ideal for creating a room with a touch of drama and promote conversation, while the softer shades will aid concentration and calm the mind. With these abilities it's little wonder it used so prolifically in business and commerce, making it the ideal colour choice for home offices.

However, blue shouldn't solely be used in officescustomized gifts for mom, its calming and soothing properties allow it to be used in bedrooms and lounges to create a feeling of peace and serenity. The colour of the sky and ocean blue is also a good choice for bathrooms, but as it's a cold colour it should be teamed with another colour such as cream, to take the associated aloofness and coldness away. With the variety of shades available blue is also a gender friendly colour, although typically regarded as a masculine colour 'blue for boys' the paler, softer hues have a distinctively feminine quality.

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Mid blue and white create a winning colour combination for master bedrooms, sitting stylish in the middle of femininity and masculinity. Blue with undertones of grey are the perfect choice for contemporary and modern homes. Again, teamed with a fresh white or cream it gives a chic look with homely qualities. Navy blue offers a trendy colour that is great for a variety of modern decorating motifs, including Americana and country. The dark shade is good choice for teens rooms, not only will it keep it style it will also make a fabulous alternative to black.

Reminiscent of the sea, blues give bathrooms a fresh, clean look, more especially when coordinated with bright white. Take the coldness away by accessorizing with soft fluffy mid blue towels or a practical bathmat in a contrast blue.

From dark, mid and pale hues there's a blue tone to suit most styles of lounges. It's a universally accepted colour that creates calm and order in our hectic lifestyles. Darker shades are ideal for large rooms which have plenty of natural light. The pale, pastels shades of duck-egg and sky blue are wonderful additions if you want to create a light and airy feel. In Shabby Chic blue is a 'must-have' colour, either used as a base or accent with soft creams peeking through paintwork.

Mid blues are an equalizers that compliments modern, contemporary and traditional styles. Apart from cream and white blue can be teamed with a host of other primary or secondary colours to create a visually appealing style. It's little wonder that blue is the world's favourite colour. It's dependable, adaptable and versatile. Use it in your home to crate a look that's homely with a touch of the much sought after 'wow' factor.

This is one of my favorite summer skirts?– not just because of the fabulous blue?ikat design, but because it’s also lightweight and comfortable. It’s simple to?make, and I love the combination of elastic and?drawstring at the waist.?I posted instructions for this skirt MANY years ago, but thought?it would?be perfect to post again for a Summer of No Pants project.

It used to be a usual thing that soon-to-be moms would quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. A wise choice. But these days we have much more to worry about in terms of toxins. In fact, study after study has shown traces of toxic chemicals in breast milk and the blood and urine of pregnant moms. And we now know that these chemicals transfer to the baby. What can you do to protect your child from the chemical onslaught?

You may have seen these fun, glittery branches in our catalog or online. They’re rather unsuspecting if you only catch a picture, but they’re one of our secret weapons for dressing up your home for the holidays. They bring a little bit of sparkle wherever you need it, they’re endlessly versatile, and they’re so basically foolproof! Below, we’ll show you 3 of our favorite ways to use them:

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