customized gifts for mom The Psychology of Colour – Balance and Harmonise Your Home With Green funny cushion covers
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The colour of nature, green is a refreshing colour which has the abilities to bring harmony and balance to your home. Associated with reassurance, peace and rest it's the ideal colour for creating a calm ambience in any room.However, used incorrectly and it can be perceived as bland and boring, but that makes it the perfect accent colour to invigorate and coordinate with many other base colourscustomized gifts for mom, including neutrals.

Our love of nature also inspires us to use green in our homes, combined with the eco-awareness green is now seen as a 'must have' colour to show that we care for our planet and want to make a contribution to lowering our carbon footprint. Read on to find out ways to use green whatever style of home you live in.

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Bright and zingy, zesty lime green is a fabulous way to inject colour into a contemporary kitchen. Alternatively the darker sage greens are ideal for both modern and traditional styled homes. Think along the lines of green fruit and vegetables to gauge the depth and vibrancy you want – lime, apple, cucumber, cabbage and the like!

Family mealtimes should be peaceful affairs that spark conversation and interest in others, with green's natural ability to create an ambience of calm it's a great colour choice for the dining room. Team it wit soft creams for a more traditional style or spic-up meal times by using it as an accent to red or orange.

Creating an atmosphere of reassurance green is ideal in any style of living room, whether it be formal or casual. Use the darker shades for green curtains, such as fern or racing green to create a traditional Regency style or liven your living room up and use it as an accent to modern greys. For a softer, gentler look apple green and pink work well together creating a beautiful colour combination for Shabby Chic or country cottage motifs. For a chic Hollywood scheme try mint green with a dash of shocking pink!

The peaceful and calming effects green has on the mind makes it an ideal choice of bedrooms. The softer, paler tones work well with neutrals while the deeper shades are perfect for large bedrooms, making them feel more intimate and cosy.

As green is a primary colour it is perfect for use in children's rooms. Team it with other primary colours of red and blue to create a winning colour scheme that's bright and cheerful. Opt for mid or paler shades of green if you want to create a more calming and peaceful space for your child.

If you need a strong sense of balance or need to have a clear head to tackle finances and accounting in your office then use green décor and/or accessories. A bright saturated green will help to stimulate the mind, a low-saturation green will help soothe it.

Decorating tips don't get much easier than this. Let's face it, decorating your home can be an overwhelming business as the options are literally endless. Whether it's a complete overhaul or a quick refresh, spice up the family's favorite room with these pro tips.But that's what also makes it so much fun.Decorate your home for less with savvy ideas for affordable, impactful updates. See how to give the rooms in your home a boost with DIY decorating projects from repurposed items, or how to use what you already own to create a brand-new look.

The Freedom collection and post modern interior design were obviously created for each other. Even the name- Freedom- sums up what the first post-modern designers were trying to achieve. They wanted to remove the shackles which bound them to early minimalism; mix things up a little, show some flair and generally have a little fun! With their retro styling, wild colours and shapeless forms the Freedom fabrics encapsulate this rebellious movement perfectly.

This summer I stayed for two weeks on a little island near Puget Sound and spent many-a-days at the beach collecting seashells. I had made the start of a driftwood and twine dreamcatcher while I was there, but waited until I got home to attach the seashells. When I pulled them out of the bag I realized some intensive cleaning was going to have to happen.

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