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Updated: :2020-03-29

I hope you’;re ready to play along with the Quilt Block of the Month series here on the Polka Dot Chair! This month we kick things off with a Plus Quilt Block Tutorial. It’;s designed to be a skill builder block. If you’;re playing along be sure to share your finished blocks on social media with the hashtag #PolkaDotChairBlocks

If you missed it be sure to check out this post offering tips and trick to picking out fabric for a quilt. You can find an index to all the posts in thisquilt blockseries to date by clicking here.

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Let’;s get this party started, shall we? The first block in our series is a Plus Block. I picked this block because I thought it would give you great practice stitching those 1/4″; seams.

UPDATE: You can now purchase a PDF with ALL of the block instructions for each month in one place!! Click here to PURCHASE

This block measures 15″; x 15″; and is composed of 25, 3 1/2″; x 3 1/2″; squares. It’;s just a simple gridcustomized gifts for mom, the pattern comes alive when you pick which fabrics go in which spot in the grid. Make sense?

I stitched it up in 3 different fabric variations to give you some ideas for ways to change the look of the block. There is a low volume version above. I’;m calling this one my “;hidden holiday”; quilt…; notice the Apple in the center there?

It’;s my “;nod”; to September. there may be a pumpkinhidden in the block next month??

This version with a gray “;linen look”; background –; working on this one for my teenage son,and this version with a simple white background.

I’;m also planning to make a Christmas themed set of blocks, but I’;m going to stitch that one along with you guys this month.

Let’;s get started!

20 squares from your background fabric each 3 1/2″; x 3 1/2″;

5 squares of all the same color of fabric in various prints each 3 1/2″; x 3 1/2″; (you can repeat a print if you like, but keep them all the same basic color so that the “;plus”; shows up well in your block).

Lay out your squares in a grid with the colored pieces of fabric making a plus sign in the center.

You are going to stitch this block together by rows.

Pick up the pieces in row 1 and pin them together. Stitch with 1/4″; seam.

Repeat for all 5 rows.

Press the seams of your block to one side alternating directions. For example, the even-numbered rows press to the right and the odd-numbered rows press to the left. This is a nifty trick that will help you line up your seams when you stitch the rows together.

Lay out your rows in order again.

Pin row 1 to row two right sides facing.

“;Nest”; the seams next to each other, since the seams are pressed in opposite directions they will snuggle right up next to each other.

Place a pin in every seam.

Stitch with 1/4″; seam allowance.

Next stitch row 2 to row 3 and so on until you’;ve stitched all 5 rows together.

Press the seams all to one side again. Remember go “;up and down”; with your iron not side to side.

Square up and trim the block so that it measures 15″; x 15″; (it should be really close to that measurement when you’;re done)

That’;s it!!

If you have questions about the block construction just leave them in the comments section, I’;ll answer them there. That way others will benefit from all of the answers.

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