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Updated: :2020-01-18

Today I've got another great DIY tutorial that I created as a collaboration with our friend Brandi of?Alexis June Weddings!

For the last several weeks?we've?been sharing DIY projects that could easily translate to any type of event like a bridal shower, wedding, bridesmaids luncheon, etc! And since I'm desperately yearning for springtime, (we just got another few inches of snow in NYC )?this next series takes on a very springlike vibe —; hope you love them!

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Today we're sharing a simple way to make origami favor boxes that are perfect for weddingscustomized gifts for mom, showers, events, etc! This is a great project to have in your back pocket if you find yourself in need of a last minute gift box, too!?Without further ado, here's the printable table number and place card tutorial:

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Start by cutting smaller squares out of your scrapbook paper. You should be able to make 4 tops or bottoms out of each piece. Cut your?piece of paper for your box tops into 4 equal squares that equal 6 inches each side.

Then cut the piece of paper for the bottom of your boxes into 4 equal squares that are 5.5 inches each side. You'll want to cut 1 inch off each side of your scrapbook paper, then cut into 4 equal squares.

Then you'll have 4 equal tops and bottoms. The top of your box will be a 6 inch square and the bottom will be a 5.5 inch square.

Next turn your papers over to the non-patterned side and use a ruler to mark the center of your paper from both diagonals, marking an X in the center.

Next, take one of your pieces and you will begin to fold. Start by taking each corner and folding it into the center point.?

Use your bone folder to make a sharp fold.?

Once you have folded all your corners in, you will then take each side and fold it into the center.

Use your bone folder to make a crisp fold.

Unfold and repeat the steps on the opposite sides.

Then unfold your paper completely flat.

Start on one side and start to make your box, putting on corner in the middle and folding up to make the side of the box.

Bring the opposite side up in the same way. Then you'll tuck the edges in using the folds you previously made as a guide.

Then fold over the other corner and tuck it into the center.

Repeat on the opposite side, and you'll have the bottom of your box!


You'll then repeat this process to make the top of your box. Folding each corner into the center point you marked with your pencil.?

Make sure to use your bone folder to make the edges crisp.

Just like with the top, you'll fold each side in like before.?

Using the bone folder as you go.?

Then folding your box into shape.?

And tucking the flaps into the center.?

Then you can place your box top on the bottom to make a cute box!

Pretty cute, right?

This project is a bit time consuming, and you'll want to be sure to select papers that aren't too thick. I wouldn't recommend cardstock but some semi-stiff scrapbook paper should work great. Mix up patterns and colors to get creative and match your color scheme!

Special Thanks to Brandi Webb of Alexis June Weddings for the beautiful photos in this post.

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