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I’m told so often about the wonderful joys of motherhood.? To see the world through the eyes of a mother would be such a privilege. But for now, I view my current perspective as special … I see the world as an aunt. I am in my early thirties and don’t have any little ones of my own.

However, there are four special ladies in my life, my nieces. One is only six months old, and the others are four, ninecustomized gifts for mom, and twenty three years old. That is a wide range, so I can pretend I’m at all ages of childrearing. Of course, their real parents have done all the hard work, and I just pretend when I babysit. ?My oldest niece is already grown up, but the three little ones have a long way to go. It’s such a joy to be a part of all their lives.

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Until my nieces were born, I didn’t have any experience with babies. Go ahead and laugh, but when my four year old niece came into the world, I still had never changed a diaper. Embarrassing as that may seem, I wasn’t that curious to see what that would be like, seeing that it could involve …; poop. That changed when my youngest sister had her first child, and I was “invited” to change a dirty diaper. Success! I did it! But changing one dirty diaper is nothing to do backflips over, considering busy moms change them all day long.

Family is so important to me, and I want these girls to know that they have an aunt who loves them very much. ?It’s fun to be the one who can take them out and –; I’ll just say it –; spoil them a little. We enjoy going to the movies, tea parties and the toy store. But the really special days are when they come over and we just spend time together.

Their energy amazes me. I have many memories from when I was their age, but I don’t recall having that kind of energy. Even when we get an early start on the day, they are still ready for more in the evening. Spending time with my nieces lets me be a kid for a day, but with benefits. I have a driver’s license, and I can eat candy whenever I want!

What touches my heart the most is how they express themselves. ?It’s so touching when you hear them learn to say your name, and then as they get a little older, they tell you they love you and how they want to spend the day with you. It melts your heart!

They are growing up so fast though. I appreciate every day and year I have with them and look forward to the day when tea parties and toys turn into learning to drive and wedding vows. Please don’t come too quickly!

Do you have special nieces and nephews in your life? What are your favorite activities together? Share all your good ideas. We would love to hear them!

I’ve had a wonderful time this year as part of the Rhonna Designs Design Team! ?I’ve really looked ?forward every month to dreaming up a project using her awesome digital designs.

I feel like I’m sewing all the time but I don’t have much to show for it… do you ever get that feeling?

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